Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Root canals serve one function: to save a tooth that might otherwise require extraction, by removing its infected or damaged pulp. The pulp of a tooth is the bundle of nerves, cells, and connective tissue that resides within the tooth, including its roots. If you sustain an oral injury or a tooth suffers from extensive decay, this pulp can become inflamed and infected sometimes leading to discomfort.

Sometimes teeth do not present with discomfort but your general dentist will diagnose the need for a root canal based on other factors. Accordingly you might be confused as to whether you do ultimately require that service. We will validate that concern and take as much time as necessary to comprehensively examine, diagnose, and explain our findings and alternatives to you so that you fully understand and can then make a well-informed decision about your healthcare.

Please ask us any questions you may have about your treatment! Mutual understanding is the absolute key to having a trusting doctor-patient relationship.

Root canal methods have evolved over the years. The latest and most revolutionary one is the GentleWave® Procedure, allowing for a quantum leap in the cleansing process. To learn more, click here.

Root Canal Procedure