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Learn More About Your Henderson NV Endodontists, Drs. William Dougherty, Jr. and Kristen Beling

Dr. William J. Dougherty, Jr.

Dr. William J. Dougherty, Jr. has been practicing endodontics in Las Vegas as a specialist since 1996 following a successful career as a general dentist in eastern Pennsylvania.  He earned his DMD at University of Pittsburgh and his certificate as an endodontic specialist from Oregon Health Sciences University.  Always looking to improve treatment outcomes, Dr. Dougherty was the first in Nevada to utilize the latest technological advancement in canal cleansing, GentleWave®.

“I really enjoy what I do.  Returning to the graduate program at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland during a renaissance in endodontic research, theory, and technique made for an exciting time in the field.  This period enjoyed a surge new in both thought and delivery modalities primarily due to the incorporation of novel technologies in the lab and clinical setting.  The frontiers of what seemed to be a limited landscape expanded dramatically as forward thinking researchers and clinicians developed ideas, materials, and instruments for the next wave of endodontic care that continues still."

                                                                                                                                    - William J. Dougherty, Jr., D.M.D.

Dr. Kristen L. Beling

 Dr. Kristen L. Beling has been practicing endodontics in Las Vegas as a specialist also since 1996.  Prior to this, she had practiced general dentistry in southern California for eight years.  She received her DDS at UCLA and her certificate as an endodontic specialist from Oregon Health Sciences University also.

"Patient care has benefited from this modernization allowing us to enact safer methods and achieve more predictable results.  The end result is a better service with higher success rates and a more satisfied clientele.  On a less clinical note, the motto in our dental practices has always been to treat our patients as we would want to be treated were we in their shoes.  Sympathy and taking the time to fully explain the procedures so we are on a mutual level of expectations go a long way to establishing a great doctor-patient relationship." 

                                                                          - Kristen L. Beling, D.D.S.


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