Root Canal Retreatment

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Root Canal Retreatment


In rare cases, root canal therapy fails to work as expected resulting in the treated tooth not healing properly. Root canal retreatment involves the removal of the previous filling material, the cleansing and re-packing of the root canals, and sometimes the re-crowning of the tooth. 

Root canal retreatments are a better alternative than extraction for most individuals especially if the tooth has good bone support, solid structure and healthy gums. Retaining the tooth can also be far less time-consuming and expensive versus the alternatives of a dental implant or extensive bridgework. 

Why is root canal retreatment required?

There are a number of reasons why root canal therapy unexpectedly fails, including:

  • Cracked crown or filling resulting in leakage.
  • Delay in the placement of permanent restorations following the original root canal procedure.
  • New decay to the tooth.
  • New fracture in the treated tooth.
  • Undetected complex canal structures. 

The GentleWave Procedure for Retreatment

The GentleWave Procedure as described elsewhere in this site is also appropriate for retreatments.


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