About Our Henderson/Las Vegas, NV Endodontic Practice & Root Canal Specialists

William J. Dougherty, Jr., DMD, and Dr. W. Scott Biggs, DMD are passionate about helping smiles stay healthy through endodontics, the art of treating the injured internal tissues of teeth. Sunset Endodontics offers empathetic, high-quality, and technically advanced endodontic services to Henderson, Anthem, Green Valley, Las Vegas, and the surrounding communities.

Empathy in Endodontics

These Henderson/Las Vegas endodontists understand how troublesome a tooth with an injured pulp can be, and they and their staff want you to be as comfortable as possible during your visit. Drs. Dougherty and Biggs consider empathy to be a vital part of their endodontic services. Listening and communication are critical attributes incorrectly treating your dental problems and addressing your concerns. Sunset Endodontics believes that kindness, a caring outlook, and a mutual understanding between doctor and patient are the cornerstones to patient satisfaction.

Quality of Services Performed

Drs. Biggs and Dougherty have over twenty years of endodontic experience so they know exactly what to look for when determining the health of your teeth. Their examinations are thorough and precise, as are the steps they take for the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up appointments. Diligence, patience, thoroughness, and commitment to excellence are key ingredients to success. By combining their experience with a methodical approach, these Henderson/Las Vegas endodontists are able to provide a high quality of service for your oral health needs.


In order to most effectively determine a diagnosis, these Henderson/Las Vegas endodontists use CBCT scanning and digital radiography in order to acquire the most information about your oral condition. Digital radiography renders and stores traditional x-ray images accurately and effectively with minimal radiation while CBCT scanning creates a 3-D image of your dentition and surrounding areas. Root canal procedures are always performed under microscopes for the best internal visualization possible. Routine utilization of automated rotary instrumentation allows for controlled and conservative yet more thorough preparations which in turn equates to less tooth removal, more residual strength, and, importantly, better disinfection and success. In addition, Dr. Dougherty and Dr. Biggs were the first in Nevada to incorporate the GentleWave Procedure, a technology that has revolutionized the cleansing and disinfection process.

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Sunset Endodontics serves the endodontic needs of Anthem, Green Valley, and Henderson/Las Vegas. Call us today to learn more about our approach to endodontics!