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Root Canals

Root Canal Treatments Offered by Sunset Endodontics in Henderson, Nevada

Root Canal Therapies in Henderson, NV

Root canal specialists, Dr. William J. Dougherty, Jr. and Dr. Kristen L. Beling, keep the teeth of their patients as healthy as possible when the inner material of a tooth begins to fail. As endodontists, the backbone of these measures is root canal therapy. Sunset Endodontics offers root canal therapy for patients throughout Anthem, Green Valley, and Henderson.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Root canals serve one function: to save a tooth that might otherwise require extraction, by removing its infected or damaged pulp. The pulp of a tooth is the bundle of nerves, cells, and connective tissue that resides within the tooth, including its roots. If you sustain an oral injury or a tooth suffers from extensive decay, the tooth pulp can become infected. Dead tooth pulp will lead to infection and possibly bone loss and pain if it is allowed to remain within the tooth.

Our Henderson endodontists are experts in saving teeth with dying or diseased pulp tissue through root canal treatments. Root canal therapy is the process of removing this damaged pulp from the tooth.

The Root Canal Procedure

During your first visit to our endodontic practice, Drs. Dougherty and Beling first evaluate your teeth to see if a root canal is necessary. Our Henderson endodontists want to make sure that your oral condition is being properly addressed.

Only after they have determined that the pulp of the tooth is involved and requires treatment will the doctors at Sunset Endodontics begin the root canal procedure. First, a pathway is prepared in the tooth. Next, this pathway is used by our Henderson endodontists to clean out and remove the diseased pulp from the center of the tooth and the roots. This is accomplished using specialized instruments and sophisticated techniques under microscopic magnification. Once all of the pulp and infected tissue has been removed, the root canal space is filled with a biocompatible rubber-like sealant. Lastly, in order to protect the tooth after it has been treated, depending on the need, your general dentist will either place a permanent filling or a porcelain crown.


Experience the GentleWave® Procedure, an innovative alternative to standard root canal treatment. It presents a major advancement that helps us achieve our goal of cleaning out the very complex root canal system within the tooth. The root canal system in multirooted teeth, especially molars, consists of intricate channels for the nerves and blood vessels. While our standard methods of cleaning out the root canal system do a very good job with the main canals, we are always evaluating technological advancements and incorporating them into our practice when we believe that doing so will help us provide a higher level of care than previously possible and help us save more teeth for more of our patients.

The GentleWave® System delivers a broad range of sound waves within the complex anatomy found with the tooth in concert with continuous irrigation. And, in a matter of minutes, the process results in complete cleaning and disinfecting of the entire network of canals. The incredible effectiveness of this system also allows us to conserve more tooth structure than ever before.

We are very proud to be able to offer this level of care to our patients. Dr. Dougherty was the first in Nevada to be fully certified in the use of the GentleWave® System and will gladly answer any questions you may have about this exciting new technology.

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Sunset Endodontics is committed to helping the people of Anthem, Green Valley, and Henderson protect their teeth through root canal therapy. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!